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We offer a comprehensive range of services in Health and Safety and Quality Management Systems, throughout New Zealand and Australia. We strive to support every client in developing and maintaining effective management solutions that meet international standards and national health and safety requirements.

Health and Safety Reports, Audits and Compliance

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We help with all of your H&S paperwork, working closely with you to ensure you are ready for your next inspection and compliant with all current WorkSafe standards.

Health and Safety Consultancy

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We can assess your current situation, provide guidance and develop easy-to-maintain procedures that work toward a safer work environment with less stress. 

Quality Management Systems and Advice

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Achieve efficiency and effectiveness with your management, and meet international quality standards such as ISO 9000
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Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety Management

  • Your Health and Safety Management systems and practices
  • Assisting individual organisations meet their obligations and responsibilities under current health & safety legislation, applicable regulations and Safe Work Instructions, and overall workplace safety.
  • Training staff in better management of health and safety, including: 
    • Hazard & Risk management
    • Injury investigations 
    • Injury Management (rehabilitation) 
    • Health & Safety Committees
    • and more... 
  • Providing on-going training and refresher programmes in health and safety

Health and Safety Documentation and Reporting

  • Preparing draft health & safety: 
    • manuals
    • polices
    • procedures and processes, including Safety/Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and flowcharts
    • Hazard & Risk Registers
    • Chemical Registers
    • templates

Work Safe Requirements

(and other National regulation bodies for countries other than NZ)

  • Preparing and carrying out health & safety audits against health & safety standards.
    For example: 
    • AS/NZS 4801 
    • ISO45001 
    • WorkSafeNZ’s SafePlus Accreditation protocols (formally known as the “Star Rating” system)
    • ACC’s Fleet Saver Programme for heavy vehicles
    • and many more...


  • Meeting and exceeding the requirements of ACC’s Experience Rating (ER) Programme
  • Assisting larger organisations meet ACC’s Accredited Employer Programme (Partnership Programme) requirements
  • Assisting organisations desirous of maintaining their modified WSMP* or WSD* health & safety management programmes
    *ACC no longer supports these programmes, however, the modified audit standards are still relevant to all organisations and the current act.

International Quality Standards, Systems and Practices

We assist you in meeting a wide variety of Quality Standards and renowned best practices, on both national and international levels. We work closely with you to ensure the best results, attained on your schedule and in a way that suits your operations. 


  • Green Star New Zealand Accreditation
  • EnviroMark Certification 
  • ISO14001
  • and more...
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Quality Systems

  • ISO 9000
  • TQM
  • Lean Management and Manufacturing Systems
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It's important to standardise and perform self-audits of your management systems, this promotes quality control and assists in preparation for external audits. 

Standardising and outlining these audit processes assist in the efficient management of self-directed teams, project management responsibilities and industrial engineering. 

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